Lesson Learned #1

I went out yesterday to move the chickens as I do every couple of weeks. There was a difference this time though, I was moving them farther from the five wire fence than the netting had been before and we draw power for the netting from that fence. This meant I was going to have to extend the line that carries the power from the fence to the netting. Luckily I am smart and had foreseen this need and wrapped a bunch of extra polywire around the post where I connect to the fence. The idea was that all I would need to do to extend the distance is unwrap the polywire a little as needed. That was the idea anyway, turns out I am not as smart as I had thought I was. When I went to¬† unroll the polywire I discovered I had wrapped it in the wrong direction so I had to unwrap all of it to extend the line instead of just what I needed. Because I had about 150′ of extra line on there it took me maybe 10 minutes longer to do than it otherwise would have.

This was a pretty simple and not very costly mistake for me to make and when I wrapped the polywire this time I did so in the opposite direction so I don’t have to unwrap it all to extend the line next time. No big deal and all is good now but the important thing here is I can use this as a broader lesson. I had enough sense to see that this was something I would need to do and planned ahead for it but did not really take the time to think through what that would mean. So lesson learned #1 is always think all the way through a problem before deciding on a solution and proceeding. This will not always result in the right answer because you are planning for the future based on present day incomplete information, but that is alright. A good example of this is my first chicken coop, I could not know my mistake ahead of time because I had no experience to base my assessment on. Now I do, so I won’t make the same mistake again. More often than not though if you put in the thought up front you will make a better decision than if you do not. So step back and look at the big picture before you move forward no matter how small the decision seems because a lot of 10 minute mistakes will add up after a while.


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  1. Well things are looking good around the place and the chickens are pretty happy. Bit cold for them so they were very, very fluffy today.

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