Why Knucklehead?

According to the Webster’s Dictionary a knucklehead is a dumbbell, stupid person, or dummy. I am not exactly an idiot and yet I am the knucklehead farmer, why? Well, this adventure we are on to try to to grow a bit of our own food, live a simpler life, and become closer to both nature and God has led us to our current situation. We are living on a 3.3 acre property raising chickens, planting trees and shrubs, growing veggies etc. but the dirty secret is I have no idea what I am doing. Don’t tell anyone. We are trying different things and no doubt some of them will work out but many will likely fail too. It has already happened, my first try at a movable chicken coop turned out to weigh just shy of 1,000,000 pounds. I will tell that whole story in a post sometime but for now I will just say I learned from the mistake, rolled up my sleeves and made another attempt. Chicken coop 2.0 is a super simple to move contraption that is doing the trick for now. So the reason for the name is that when it comes to this life I am just struggling through trying to figure things out. I am doing my best to do my research and talking to local people to learn from them so hopefully I will avoid any big mistakes but stay tuned here to see and maybe learn something along with me. Who knows, maybe eventually I can become the genius farmer but I will be happy to settle for the mediocre but very happy farmer if I can get there.